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Bail Bonds

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The concept of posting bail is as old as, well, jail itself. For as long as the criminal justice system has placed people behind bars, bail and bail bondsmen have existed. Perhaps this is your first time having to deal with bail, or maybe this isn’t your first time at the rodeo. Either way, education is key.

What are bail bonds?

We’ve all heard of bail before, but what does it mean? Bail is the temporary release of an accused person. That’s why when someone has posted bail and is released from prison they are “out on bail”. Sometimes this release comes with conditions, and when it does, it’s usually in the form of money. This money is a guarantee. It guarantees that the accused shows up for his or her day in court. But what happens when you are unable to post bail out of pocket?

Who are bail bondsmen?

Bondsmen are those who you turn to when you are not able to post bail. They will pledge money or other collateral as bail for the accused. It is a bit like posting collateral for a loan; there must be a guarantee on the loan, or a way to make sure that the amount promised will be paid by one party or another. Bondsmen are also responsible for producing the accused in court if the accused decides to default on the agreement made with both the court and the bondsman.

At Billy Damato Bail Bonds we work adjacent to the criminal justice system to provide our customers with secure bonds with which to post bail. After a consultation with our customers and reaching a contractual agreement, we post a bond for the amount of the bail. Once bail has been successfully posted, the accused is released on the condition that they appear before the court whenever summoned.

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