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Federal Bond

Federal Bond  | Billy Damato Bail Bonds - Punta Gorda, FL

Some of the mistakes we make carry grave consequences. If someone you know has been charged with a federal crime, it can be a bit more difficult finding a bondsman you trust in your area simply because many bondsmen do not handle federal bonds. Luckily for the people of Punta Gorda, Billy Damato Bail Bonds also offers federal bail bond services.

What is a federal bail bond?

Federal bail bonds are bonds used to post bail in federal court, whereas other bonds are for used in state or local courts. Because of the more complex nature of the federal court system, many bondsmen only deal with state or local bonds. With the stakes so high, it is very important that the right bail bondsman is chosen when dealing with federal bail.

Billy Damato Bail Bonds has been working with Florida’s federal court system for years. We are confident in our ability to navigate the procedural differences associated with federal charges as opposed to state or local charges.

How do state or local bail bonds differ from federal bonds?

Federal bail bonds differ from state or local bonds in a few ways.

• Someone who has been charged with a federal crime can expect a much heftier bail. With a more severe crime comes a more severe punishment.

• The defendant will be subject to a special hearing, known as a Nebbia hearing. At this hearing it is the defendant’s responsibility to prove to the court and the prosecutor that the funds used to post bail were obtained legally and not through illegal avenues. It is important that the defendant work with a bail bondsman with experience. If the prosecutor feels that for any reason the funds used to post bail are suspect, bail may be denied the defendant by the court.

Rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with federal bail bonds.

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